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What is TENT (TENT)?

TENT is a cryptocurrency project focused on privacy, security, and ease of use. Formed originally by SnowGem Foundation as SnowGem (XSG) in 2017, has been working to provide the product features set out in its roadmap with the guidance of its community..TENT have implemented the Masternode Proof-of-Work (mPoW) system, TENT Secure, that uses existing TENT Masternodes to secure the blockchain and helps prevent 51% attacks from being successful.TENT Coin is based on Bitcoin protocol with zkSNARKS technology support, essentially zero-knowledge cryptography — the concept of one party proving to another party that they know a specific set of information without exposing any knowledge other than what they have said.

Where To Buy TENT?

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What is the price of TENT?

The current price of TENT (TENT) is $0.00

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More Details

Official Website
Launch Date December 22, 2017
Total Coins Mined 38,742,200.0000
Max Supply 84,096,000.0000
Algorithm Equihash
Proof Type PoW