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Phoenix Global [v2] (PHB)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is Phoenix Global [v2] (PHB)?

Phoenix Global focuses on the blockchain enablement of the real economy. The platform aims to employ blockchain technology to unleash the value of real-world assets, such as data, alternative assets, and other intangible asset classes.This page refers to the latest version of the Phoenix Global (BEP20). The Phoenix Global token (PHB) migrated from the NEO blockchain and at the same time a token redenomination. Swapping the existing PHB V1 tokens to the new PHB V2. Tokens are swapped a ratio of 100:1At CryptoCompare we decided to split the historical data from the following versions:Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX)Phoenix Global [v1] (PHBV1)Phoenix Global [v2] (PHB) – this page refers to this versionBackground:The current PHB token has seen a number of changes over the past several years. The most notable of course is the merger with the Apex Network (CPX) token. The tokens Apex Network (CPX), Red Pulse (RPX), and now Phoenix Global were rooted originally with NEO. Legacy token contracts, inflation policy, and other technical items are still NEO-based.NEO Migration and NEO Swap:On September, 2021, the strategic direction of moving to BSC to enjoy relatively fast and cheap transactions, and a much larger audience, brought the decentralized staking. With the impending NEO N3 upgrade, Phoenix team have decided that at that time was the right time to migrate fully from NEO over to BSC. Phoenix Staker and PHB staking on Horizon Protocol will be updated to support the new PHB token.Note: The PHXv1 (NEO), PHBv1 (BC), and PHBv1 (BSC) will have no use other than to swap to the new PHB (BSC) token in order to continue staking.This article covers all information about the swap, including manual swapping and supported exchanges.Telegram |  | Reddit | MediumWhitepaper

Where To Buy Phoenix Global [v2]?

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What is the price of PHB?

The current price of Phoenix Global [v2] (PHB) is $0.00

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More Details

Official Website
Launch Date November 02, 2021
Total Coins Mined 32,303,715.6538
Smart Contract Address 0x0409633A72D846fc5BBe2f98D88564D35987904D
Built On BNB
Decimal Points 18
Max Supply Unlimited
Algorithm N/A
Proof Type N/A