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Lynx (LYNX)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is Lynx (LYNX)?

LYNX is a Hybrid Proof of Work coin with a code that purposefully lacks incentives to mine it for profit. As a result, LYNX is more user-friendly to mine and more eco-friendly than other cryptocurrencies that have unsustainable energy requirements. The entire LYNX network is designed to operate on a collaboration of low power devices like Raspberry Pi, resulting in a global mining cost of only dollars a day. The emphasis on low-cost computing also creates a more decentralized, broad miner base which strengthens the stability and security of the currency. Lynx was designed to have a minimal environmental impact because it’s committed to creating global solutions and maintaining a small carbon footprint.Features:Lynx HPoW still uses PoW but modifies it so it isn’t profitable and, as a result, creates an entire cryptocurrency network that can run on energy efficient, easy to set-up, low-cost computers or cloud services.The Lynx Cryptocurrency Installer (LynxCI) is a program that runs on a Linux operating system – specifically Ubuntu and Raspian. LynxCI installs the latest stable release of Lynx along with the full historical blockchain history of the project which includes over four years of transactional data. LynxCI also installs a mining software package that allows the device to mine the Lynx HPoW coin. Through solo mining, the software allows the node to actively participate in the Lynx network by creating and confirming transactions on the network in the mining process. LynxCI is intended to be used on computers with relatively limited RAM and processing power (such as Raspberry Pi 3), but it can also be used in cloud VM environments.Technology:Basic Coin Parameters1. 30-second block time2. Cost of a transaction is .0001 Lynx/kilobyte3. 1-week block reward maturity for miners4. 1 Lynx block reward plus feesThe Lynx code includes the DigiShield difficulty adjustment algorithm. This enhancement better ensures the 30-second block-time average and provides support for low-hash, eco-friendly mining rigs to mine blocks after a high-powered mining rig leaves.Telegram | Discord

Where To Buy Lynx?

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What is the price of LYNX?

The current price of Lynx (LYNX) is $0.00

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Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type HPoW