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Kryptoin (KRP)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is Kryptoin (KRP)?

Kryptoin is a decentralised Exchange Traded Fund system looking for a new way to provide trading services via the blockchain. Through the ability to connect to new blockchains, the ETF system allows the connection to the Megawallet app. The current configuration of Megawallet shows 10 of the main blockchains configured (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Monero, XRP and USDT), allowing the system to raise addresses for each user and save coins in the user account. Thus, will enable the creation of various new ETF tokens, effective management of exchange rates in BTC, ETH and USD(T), secure asset management. On the platform, each user has a different level of access to the Megawallet determining their roles and capabilities.The KRP token is an Ethereum-based (ERC 20) used as smart contracts deployer and developer. KRP token leaves room for improvements meaning that they will be searching for better blockchains and token technology.

Where To Buy Kryptoin?

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What is the price of KRP?

The current price of Kryptoin (KRP) is $0.00

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Proof Type PoS