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Klingon Empire Darsek (KED)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is Klingon Empire Darsek (KED)?

Klingon Empire Darsek – one of the Star Trek-inspired coins. Darsek – a hybrid scrypt PoW + PoS based cryptocurrency.KED was started on August 23, 2013, and still alive. Advantage of KED: have balanced PoW blocks and stakes weighting. What does it mean: To set the best chain, every block calculated function GetBlockTrust() In only PoW coins it is just cumulative function log2_work – plain sum of all block difficulties. That coins can be easy 51% attacked with double-spending if summary hash rate not very big like in Bitcoin or Litecoin. To protect from this attacker was created PoW+PoS coins. But initially it was Sha256 algo with High difficulty, and simply copy and paste this function in Scrypt coins was not a good idea. All PoS block trust was much more then PoW, for instance, blocktrust=134217792 (PoS) and blocktrust=5 (PoW). In such coins, one PoS block can override long chains of PoW blocks. In Darsek KED different system of calculation of GetBlockTrust(). In most cases PoW block GetBlockTrust() just 2/3 of previous. For stable blockchain, every 5-10th block must be PoS.

Where To Buy Klingon Empire Darsek?

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What is the price of KED?

The current price of Klingon Empire Darsek (KED) is $0.00

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More Details

Official Website
Launch Date November 30, -0001
Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW/PoS