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The Killbox (KBOX)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is The Killbox (KBOX)?

The Killbox team commits to create the first on-chain first-person shooter game in which players assemble elite squads and incorporates a tradable NFT weapon system and “free-to-play, play-to-earn” elements to make it an super exciting shooting game.Featured weekly challenges, ranking matches, and a lottery system for the distribution of crypto prizes. The Killbox’s gameplay will be interactive with a 360-degree arena combat experience with VR capabilities. Additionally, users can choose from various modes, such as sniper and DM mode, while earning rewards from their gameplay.Annihilate the completion in real-time PVP, face off against opponents in blast mode or experience terrifying single player mode and so on, where players collect chests to obtain different levels of NFT Weapons and equipment. NFT weapon of the same level has unique attributes to generate KBOX tokens, and players can synthesize to obtain better attributes.Telegram | FacebookWhitepaper

Where To Buy The Killbox?

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What is the price of KBOX?

The current price of The Killbox (KBOX) is $0.00

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More Details

Official Website
Launch Date November 06, 2021
Total Coins Mined 6,499,981,402.1184
Smart Contract Address 0x3523d58d8036B1C5C9A13493143c97aEfC5Ad422
Built On BNB
Decimal Points 18
Max Supply Unlimited
Algorithm N/A
Proof Type N/A