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What is DYNO (DYNO)?

The DYNO Web Platform is a tool for storing and sharing fitness and metabolic data. The platform ties together Ethereum smart contracts, with distributed blockchain storage, and a web application. The main objective of the DYNO Web Platform is to interface data purchasers and data providors, aiming to create supply and demand for fitness and metabolic data. Supply will be the data generated by the platform users and demand would come from data purchasers who want to run studies. Built by the Sicada company, DYNOSTICS® is a decentralized mobile-smart system design for performance and metabolism analysis, which determines a user's current state of fitness based on his breathing gases. The measurements data is then sent to the DYNOSTICS® App and interpreted by the DYNOSTICS® algorithm in real time. Furthermore, the App tells users how their body processes food and suggests customized diet and training programs.DYNO is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) cryptocurrency developed by the DYNO platform and powers the entire data ecosystem. The token can be used as a medium of exchange value between data owners and purchasers. In addition, DYNO tokens are integrated into the DYNOSTICS Apps.

Where To Buy DYNO?

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What is the price of DYNO?

The current price of DYNO (DYNO) is $0.00

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