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Dark Lisk (DISK)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is Dark Lisk (DISK)?

Dark Lisk is a PoW/PoS hybrid that will change to full PoS when 100000 are mined, awarding users with a 200% annual interest for Proof of Stake Mining. Dark Lisk uses the algorithm X11, which provides fast and anonymous transactions. DarkLisk is a free open source project derived from Bitcoin, with the goal of providing a long-term energy-efficient script-based crypto-currency. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, PPCoin, and NovaCoin, innovations such as proof-of-stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency. DarkLisk (DISK) is an affordable digital cryptographic currency. It is built on the principles of confidentiality and anonymity, rewarding members of their community for participating in the functioning of the network. DarkLisk is an electronic currency system, in which a reward is paid to its participants for each block. The DarkLisk cryptocurrency will be widely distributed and has all the prerequisites for a large expansion of its community, thanks to the reward system, that adds to DarkLisk value.

Where To Buy Dark Lisk?

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What is the price of DISK?

The current price of Dark Lisk (DISK) is $0.00

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More Details

Launch Date December 06, 2017
Max Supply Unlimited
Algorithm X11
Proof Type PoW/PoS