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1eco (1ECO)

Price Quotes, Volume & Historical Data

What is 1eco (1ECO)?

1eco is a platform designed to solve various problems in cities by connecting reality and the virtual world using decentralized blockchain technology. 1eco will establish and operate a reward system so that the participants are encouraged and rewarded for voluntarily and continuously engaging within the 1eco ecosystem.1eco coin is an ERC-20 governance coin for the 1eco ecosystem. 1eco coin are issued to decentralize ownership and governance of the 1eco ecosystem. Participants must stake 1eco coin to participate and influence in policy proposals and major policy decisions for the development of the 1eco ecosystem, and also participate in DID node operation to make the ecosystem run efficiently.Telegram | Discord | Medium

Where To Buy 1eco?

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What is the price of 1ECO?

The current price of 1eco (1ECO) is $0.00

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More Details

Official Website
Launch Date November 17, 2021
Total Coins Mined 500,000,000.0000
Smart Contract Address 0x1af2eaeaf2b1d9dda800861268e6bbb3995a6c3b
Built On ETH
Decimal Points 18
Max Supply Unlimited
Algorithm N/A
Proof Type N/A